Greencard marriage dating advice for men on dating

Most green card holders have to wait five years before applying for citizenship. The number of visas issued each year under this category is limited, and the demand is always higher than the supply.

I am pretty much on my last straw of the dating scene. It just seems they are always the wrong one with many problems, or they’re not willing to commit to marriage.It isn't always easy for me to travel to meet a date, and many men do not want to bother with the hassle of traveling to meet me.For more information, please see USCIS Policy Manual Volume 7, Adjustment of Status, Part D, Family-Based Adjustment.You may be able to adjust status under INA section 245(i) even if you are subject to one or more adjustment bars and are therefore ineligible for adjustment of status under INA section 245(a).Depending on how you entered the United States or if you committed a particular act or violation of immigration law, you may be barred from adjusting status.

You are ineligible to apply for adjustment of status if one or more bars to adjustment listed in section 245(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) apply to you.If the spouse is outside the US, he/she will have to file for an immigration visa with a US consulate having jurisdiction over their place of residence.Take Free Eligibility Quiz US permanent residents, too, can sponsor spouses seeking to get a Green Card, but the process can take longer because a visa number will not be available immediately.The process varies depending on whether the sponsor is a US citizen or a Green Card holder.US citizens can sponsor spouses as "immediate relatives." For immediate relatives, visa numbers are available immediately, which means that there is no need to wait for a visa number to become available. citizen based on personal, not immigration considerations. citizen leads to a faster green card, as described below. This category has no numerical limit on the number of visas issued each year, and therefore no waits for visas to become available.