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If you’re like us, you already know exactly which house you would be sorted into.The real question now is: which club would you join? Don’t forget to share your results with all your friends — wizards and muggles alike!Most personality quizzes are fairly even-handed affairs.You could be one sort of a thing in a list (Beatle, emotion, root vegetable) or you could be another, and they’re all roughly the same. It’s more like walking into a roomful of mousetraps, one of which is connected to a thermonuclear warhead.You should date someone fierce and feisty, like Ginny.

She'll never back down from an argument, so you know you'll have an interesting relationship, but there'd probably be some pretty hot make-up sex involved. Even if your boo is dumber than a broomstick, you don't care as long as they've got the looks.It's my first quiz ever made, so don't kill me if it's horrible. :) If it wasn't obvious, it's for girls only. From the Common Room to Diagon Alley: interact and role-play. Win the Quidditch World Cup, engage in the wizard economy, take classes, and more! We’re STILL waiting on baited breath for word of more “Gilmore Girls” revival episodes, and the patience is slowly fading.