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So you have this girlfriend who you’ve been with you for a year. The only thing it’s costing you is “being right.” And that’s where most couples stumble. We want to tell our partners how it is – what we do, what we don’t do, how we’re not going to be bossed around. So your amazing girlfriend can feel insecure that her boyfriend of a year doesn’t really love her? Time it costs you to argue about not wanting to do this simple task: a lot more than that. And until you’ve got a ring on her finger and are signing your marriage contracts, it’s very reasonable for her to be concerned about the health of your relationship. Constant contact, constant communication, constant affection, constant talk of the future.

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If you just got her number and wait forever to text her, she thinks you weren’t into it and move on.I don't know how in the world I am ever gonna meet someone I'm a 29 year old guy who everybody thinks that I have women falling over me left and right and it's far from the truth.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Do you call/text everyday even you have a busy schedule? I would give it more time, before worrying about how often he texts, or calls. But anyone in love with someone else is in contact with them every day unless they are at death's door. I've been with my husband for decades and when I'm at work, I still email him very often and call him at least once a day, usually more.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Sure, there are some random exceptions, but I don't care how stressful your job is or if you work 19 hours a day. If I can do that after 20 years, someone in a new relationship can certainly text/phone or get in contact with someone with whom they are supposedly in love. Do you call/text everyday even you have a busy schedule? Everyday seems to be way too much to start out with.

There's only one person above him and hes targeting to be in that position someday. If you like someone, how often do you call or text the person you like?

Dear Hadley, Thanks for your kind words about my readers. They ask tough questions and are open to challenging answers.

Which leads me to the very predictable portion of today’s blog where I challenge you. Time it costs you to call her to say good night and ask about her day: Ten minutes.

Here’s your texting guide to help save you from messing everything up with a girl you like.

When you should text her #1 After you got her number.

None of these are options for me - I have no attractive and single co I need some help I do not get it and this is making me question everything. I met Why did my boyfriend say he's lost interest but then change his mind?