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Also, each element will be styled as “valid” if the user’s password has met the requirement or invalid if they haven’t met it (if the input field is blank, none of the requirements have been met; hence the default class of “invalid”).Here’s what we have so far: It’s important to note that we have to give our H1 tag a border radius on its top two corners.Many sites that require login credentials enforce a security setting often referred to as password complexity requirements. However, traditional factors that contribute to a password’s strength include it’s length, complexity, and unpredictability.

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Before going any further, check out this compatibility chart to be sure which features supported by your browser.

Just note that, though the HTML5 constraint validation API offers an excellent way to validate form fields, a server side validation must always be done.

For complex validation logic, the API can be used for performing client side validation and displaying error messages very easily.

In this tutorial I will give you an overview of the HTML5 constraint validation API and discuss how to use it in your projects for creating better web forms.

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You can save or send the pattern by just copying the link. If we don’t, the H1’s background color will overlap the rounded corners of it’s parent element (#container) and it will look like this: Now we are going to style our button element.We’ll use some CSS3 styles so users with newer browsers get a better experience.Enforcing secure passwords is an essential part on any login system.The first step in this process is ensuring that users select a password which matches a set of criteria.It will also provide a visual representation of which requirements have already been met.