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For more frequent updates of content, see Apple's WWDC 2010 video on data driven app design, and consider having the app update certain content from your web site. It usually takes Apple 7 days to review an app and if you upload a new update before the old one has been reviewed you go to the back of the queue.If you need to update your app more frequently than every ~7 days you should look into setting up a web-based update mechanism.

Notice that this method may erase all data and settings on apps that you’re going to remove. i OS Update/Restore Device You may need to update to a new i OS, no matter i OS 9 recent updates or new i OS 10.Normally, new update always fixes a part of previous bugs. Apple's review time for a completely acceptable app update varies from less than 2 days to over 2 weeks, and a developer has no control over that length of time.That will limit the rate of updating any app to Apple's pace.To delete an app, long press that app; all the wiggling apps will show a delete icon (x) on the top left.

Tap on the delete icon and you will be asked either to delete the app or cancel the action.

Or you can restore your i Phone using the latest backup on your computer.

Apps are one of the most integral parts of any i Phone as they make all i Phones the real smart devices.

Look for the badge on the App Store icon to see how many updates are ready to go.

Installing i Phone and i Pod touch application updates on the go means you don’t have to wait to connect to your computer and i Tunes before getting the latest versions of your apps.

Recently, lots of i Phone users are getting the app store won’t update issue.