Is bill maher dating arianna huffington

, sought to play a “useful” role within the Democratic Party establishment by using her website to “echo” the party message, according to emails published by Wiki Leaks.In an April 2008 email to top Democratic operatives, including Paul Begala, Stan Greenberg, David Brock, and current Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Democratic operative Susan Mc Cue relayed a discussion she had with Huffington about advancing the Democratic cause in an official capacity.

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claims that Arianna and Bill are something of a hot new couple out in LA, and that Bill has “sworn off leggy models” et cetera.

The show has gone well, with standup-turned-pundit-maker Maher in fine, dry form as he kicked things off with a rapid-fire succession of use-'em-or-lose-'em Lewinsky gags and then effectively moderated a surprisingly sub-stantial and funny debate on the topic of what it all means.

Maher — whose own politics can be best described as wise-ass libertarian — nonetheless vigorously defends our all-too-human chief executive when it comes to carnal matters. This is a really good instance of the electorate being ahead of the people who are supposed to be leading them.

They make a big point about how Arianna is five years older than Bill, and that the love match is probably based on intelligence rather than sex, I guess.

The gist is that Bill and Arianna were at a party and they were deep in conversation, it seems. Bill Maher has sworn off leggy models half his age and is getting serious with a brainy babe five year his senior – media queen Arianna Huffington.

Bill instead went to the star-studded soiree with his best friend, online media mogul Arianna Huffington.

Bill and Cara “spent some time talking about marriage,” adds the insider, “but [the relationship] just ran its course.

In search of spirituality, Arianna read the collected works of psychoanalyst Carl G. She introduced Levin to an organization called Insight whose rituals encouraged followers to act out their fantasies.

The future Arianna Huffington also became a disciple of the Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, whose cult practiced open sexual intercourse among its members, and with its leader, as a central sacrament of their faith.

“They were glued to each other most of the night,” said the insider.