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If in the past someone looking for a romantic partner relied on meeting someone through friends, family or just pure luck, with online dating they have the ability to "meet" an endless number of potential romantic partners.

JZoog is a bit different from other Jewish dating sites in that it is exclusively for Jewish singles.

Unlike other dating sites where all you need to sign up is an email address, JZoog screens a potential user's Facebook profile to obtain basic information and ensure that the profile wasn't created just to join the site.

Jewcier is a new Jewish dating site connecting Jewish women and Jewish men who are looking to date, find true love, and maybe make that special trip to the chupah.

Jewcier can help, whether you’re looking to meet someone from your area, or from around the world.

Our Scientific Matching system analyzes over 100 different profile attributes to deliver the most compatible Jewish singles to you, and matches you based on the traits you’re looking for in a partner.

Does your perfect Jewish woman share your musical interests?

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