Jorja fox marg helgenberger dating

I am still not sure who or what I am suppose to be looking at in the pic though. The more I watch the on-going Spike TV CSI marathon, the less I care whether she comes back next season.

The only reason a woman would be interested in Jorja is for the showbiz connections she might be able to offer isn't it?

Much of the action, though, swirls around the viceroy's private secretary, Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), and his sister, Alice (Jemima West), who's recently returned to her childhood home after many years in England.

Both have secrets that could destroy them in the gossipy, unforgiving society, as does just about everyone in "Indian Summers." Indian civil servant Aafrin Dalal (Nikesh Patel) also has a sister, Sooni (Aysha Kala), whose revolutionary fervor is one of several threats to his ambitions.

That's probably why all of the woman I've ever heard be linked with her are struggling actresses who usually end up with one shot appearances on CSI. What on earth is wrong with you people that you feel the need to post rubish like that on a thread about someone you supposedly don't even like?? R16 is Danie, the moderator of the Grissom/Sara Google Group GRISSARTALK.

She is in denial about Jorja's orientation and comes on here a lot to assert Jorja's bisexuality (She believes the posts from L. Dyke, that claimed Jorja slept with Gary Dourdan), and defend her honor.

“I hate [it] when actors decide they’re leaving and then decide they’re coming back,” he says. But there was no story, not even an outline — and once the show was evicted from its soundstages at Universal, not even a studio. Zuiker came up with a story, told over two hours, that reunited the original “CSI” team.

“We were cool when it went down and how Grissom was going to leave.” Luring him back to close out the series — once CBS declined to renew “CSI” at the end of its 15th season — did not prove difficult. Zuiker and executive producer Jonathan Littman invited Petersen out for drinks at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, where they’d first met in 1999 to cast the series, and talked about filming one last show. [Original star Marg Helgenberger left the show in 2012 but also returned for the finale.] “There’s been an explosion at the Las Vegas casino owned by Catherine Willows [Marg Helgenberger],” Zuiker says. has gone on to find poachers that are illegally fishing in the ocean.In a Las Vegas casino a man had blown himself up, with no clear motive.The explosion was connected to a potential client of dominatrix Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke), with whom Grissom has a 'special' understanding (they plainly fancied one another and may have had a relationship).Honey, Jorja is a big girl (and a big dyke) who doesn't need you to defend her on a gay board.Lots of folks don't care for Jorja's "talents" (ahem) or looks. Fox DID fuck Dourdan for a while right after she was dumped by Suzanne. She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.