fuckbookdating Liquidating non moving inventory

Have you priced the product above what your customer wants to pay for it? Set a new price for the bundle and give your customers better value for the bundled purchase.

As an online seller, at some point you will likely have slow moving inventory on hand.

When inventory doesn’t move, there are associated carrying costs and it ties up valuable capital and resources that could otherwise be used to invest in your business.

The bottom line is that surplus inventory is one of the largest costs that today's industrial distributor faces.

The cost of the products themselves, the loss of working cash and the ongoing holding costs are just a few ways that surplus inventory can eat away at bottom-line profits.

Sell In-Season It’s easy to ignore slow-moving inventory when you’re busy.

But when you put off thinking about that inventory until the off-season, the slow-movers are obsolete.

The magnitude of the problem warrants immediate and dedicated attention.

In a soft, yet highly competitive economy, industrial distributors must find ways to avoid, identify and sell surplus inventory.

But regardless of how that slow-moving product got there, it represents cash tied up in inventory, takes up space in the store that fast-selling products could occupy, and sends a message to customers that there’s “nothing new” at your store.

Well, the good news is there are a number of things you can do to turn that static stock into sales.

Build a display so people see it when they walk in. Barter If you have some valuable inventory that just won’t seem to go, why not think about bartering it?