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FASA and its successors Wiz Kids, Fan Pro, and Catalyst Game Labs created hundreds of official Battle Mechs to complement the game, the majority published in a long-running series of "technical readouts".The game's detailed construction rules, which allow players to create legal custom units of their own, has also resulted in untold thousands of additional designs, some published in magazines, on websites, and in various other fan media.Legal impediments with George Lucas over the use of the term "droid" forced the name of the game to change in the second edition to Battle Tech.

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The Grey Wolf by Cherokee is engineered with impeccable quality, distinctive features, superior comfort and remarkable affordability.

Escape the ordinary, relax, and enjoy family and friends in a Grey Wolf.

UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight)* – is the typical weight of the unit as manufactured at the factory.

It includes all weight at the unit’s axle(s) and tongue or pin and LP Gas.

It is said that he is always the first to make planetfall during an invasion and the last to leave the battlefield, and to witness one of his berserk rages is to watch the fury of a storm come to life.

Many believe that he will eventually succeed Logan Grimnar as the Chapter's Great Wolf, but the eldest of the Wolf Priests know that he will have to master his anger first.

He possesses unusually keen senses and a preternatural sixth sense for knowing when things are amiss.

The youngest ever Battle-Brother to have been promoted to the exalted rank of Wolf Lord, Ragnar exudes confidence, skill and athletic ability from every fibre of his whipcord-fast body.

If you go without auto thrusters integrated astromech at 0 points is worth putting on.

R2 D2 is not any good at regenerating shields if the ship gets blown up first.

This is followed by taking an action normally for an effective three action manoeuvre without taking any stress.