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They're also a great way to wish someone a happy birthday or anniversary if you forgot to send the card.Unfortunately, many of the popular free ecard websites are difficult to navigate, overrun with advertisements, and have only poor quality ecards.Or the playground of hungy Zombies and not so frightened modern-day heroines.

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Our animated love ECards are not just for flirting, or dating.

They are more precious than magic charms, and yet free, for princesses chasing frogs -- and not always meeting a prince. Our cards are also pink arrows in Cupid's hand, always reaching the heart.

Love and dating e-Cards are the most popular cards that are sent out today.

There are so many sites to find serious love cards, romantic cards, silly and fun cards.

E-Cards are extremely fast to send and there are hundreds of different cards that can be chosen.

e-Card stands for electronic card, and is what describes any type of digital postcard or type of greeting card that a user can send on through their email. Some providers do charge a small fee for customizing your e-cards.

Many people choose to send out a light, fun card to someone that they have just started to get to know.

Still others send them to their husband or wife to just say I love you, or as a pick me up, or even for a special occasion.

The powerful tools of a caveman whose love is about to be carved in stone.

The terror of a Pierrot chased by a malicious Colombina.

Some of the more popular sites will even say that they have free ecards until you go to send it, and then they try to charge you a membership fee.