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The few studies that have focused on men's perceptions of tattooed women have found that these women are seen in a generally light.

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Talking about something as completely subjective as tattoos is always a dicey proposition.

What one person puts value and meaning behind could registers as completely irrelevant to the uninitiated.

And compared to other physical cues, Guéguen notes, research on men's responsiveness to tattooed women has received remarkably scant attention.

In France, where Guéguen is based, about 12 percent of women sport a tattoo.

In preindustrial times, tattooing was a life-threatening endeavor; you had to be tough to survive it.

Even today, the process is painful and could give rise to various health problems, most often an infection.

Someone should have told these 25 people that they might not feel so strongly about ten years from now.

Read on for 25 of the most regrettable video game inspired tattoos we've ever seen.

Along with their fashion sense Celtics also did their hair in bright colors that they got from flower pastes, they would fashion their hair in bright Mohawks for battle.

When it came time to tattoo the Celtic designs on their bodies in was done with a Woad plant.

Tattooing has enjoyed a long history, and in many cultures, it has served as a way for people to attract potential mates.