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"Miscellaneous filesystems", and mark the "UBIFS file system support" check-box.

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Note: if relevant applications are running on Solaris local zone, provide the same access rights for the corresponding global zone.

Sudo commands Example of sudoer file qauser ALL=/usr/bin/mdb, /usr/bin/pwdx, /usr/bin/pargs, /sbin/ifconfig, /usr/bin/ls, /usr/bin/cat, /usr/bin/chmod x /tmp/nbltmp/inq (for storage detection only), /usr/bin/gcore, /usr/bin/isainfo User A user with the read-only permission for accessing VMware v Center.

"Exclude nodes from reporting" extended and now allows wildcard definition Daily report enhanced (elapse time corrected, node comments added in several places) Including node comments in daily report is now optional Graphics added to "Occupancy detail" Check of TSM 6.x graph can be saved in JPG format New gadget : mounts New function : Scheduled analysis based reports Monitor window : Command output list raised from 10.000 to 50.000 lines Monitor window : Improved copy to clipboard functionality Monitor window : Left part of monitor window can be resized TDP messages : Enabled print and save to file Added e-mail notification to "Periodic checking" Owner groups can differentiate between failed and missed schedules Added TSM 6.x DB and log status to operational status All nodes : Command to delete all for a node and the node itself Client code deployment : Allow external download and register of files if the collector has no FTP access Changes to make the collector less memory hungry Register node can process multiple nodes and save default settings Improved handling of monitor selection on multiple monitor desktops capability in "All nodes" window Background window is used for messages Longer field for TSM server address TSM server description field File storage pools included in 14 day history Included "q system" output in the recovery plan New window : Support for proxy nodes Collector for dismount volume Added access state to reclaim analysis list "Locate node" added to node owner groups History/Reports : vaulting history History/Reports : domain history History/reports : number of files stored total and per node History/Reports : history Improved acknowledge of attentions Comment data can be attached to a node and shown in the daily report if its schedule fails Show list of generated reports with delete/display function New utility : copy server scripts amongst servers New utility : copy client option sets amongst servers Gadget windows showing various data Support for "Client code deployment" Optimized response time when querying multiple servers TSM version 6.1 support, this is the main improvement in this release.

Improved collector/viewer version detection and mismatch handling Utilities/warnings now take exclude list for nodes into consideration Personal menu item with "Favorites" Free selection of directory for locally generated reports Subset of daily report can be sent to node owners Daily report can be scheduled individually for each TSM server Vaulting : Monthly vaulting for "all volumes recalled" Attention system : History log and acknowledgement capability (who saw this and acted upon it ?

User A user with credentials for SNMPv3 unless read only community string is used.

General SNMP-based queries Example of a sudoer file qauser ALL=/bin/procwdx, /bin/cat , /bin/ls, /usr/sbin/rmsock, /usr/bin/ps,/usr/sbin/gencore Users A user with OS-level credentials for every global zone.

So you may update UBI volumes on your running system as well.

In this case you only need an UBIFS image, and you do not have to make the UBI image, i.e., the process has only 1 step in this case.

For a node changed to reporting MB Copy node may fail if optionset is blank Audit fix Vaulting holidays can be set for all servers at once Periodic checking now has an individual limit for each servers archive log space New scheduled analysis report: 14 day storage pool history Implemented parallel command processing capability General display cosmetic enhancements All install scripts changed to have quoted paths Vault reports (checkin/out) had special text misplaced inside the table 30 day event history duplicated so we can collect at two different times New function: Node occupancy by storage pool Implemented "delete dedupstats" Added dedup savings pie to "storage pools" window New function: Copy node Fixed bad parameter in "protect stgpool" window Maxstacksize lowered from 300000 to 100000 Collection of 15 day history for daily mail changed Nodegroups : enhanced display New function: Node status Display of vaulting log no longer limited to 64KB Consolidated daily report only shows first failed admin schedule History collection for node and pool occupancy changed from logical to reporting to include container pools Small improvements to node groups window Added node comments to the printout for "Node data summary" Separate window for "Individual settings" created 14 day history (storage pool history) now also includes container pools Fix to avoid daily report routines aborting 15 day history in daily reports rewritten and enhanced Removed support for vaulting containercopy pool volumes (It is not Tivolis intention for these volumes to be vaulted) Register and update node allows special characters in password Fixed storing of panel sizes in "Node summary" Added copycontainer pooltype to vaulting routines.

History data added instead of stored (proxy node discrepancies) Collector report "node 30 day events" will fail if a server is missing Saved windows config comes up with "All servers" regardless of what was saved Saving vaulting settings may fail if "Default vault to use" is blank DB archive space display does not work below TSM 6.3.4 (Gives SQL error) Drive usage and session anlysis print of bar charts has a font size problem Encrypted communication from viewer to collector Session analysis: remove duplicate data from proxy nodes Viewer option: Select initial windows configuration and autoupdate interval to be used at startup Global setting of vaulting e-mail receivers TSM 7.1.5 support : New parms for cloud and container pools Better display of log filespace sizes New periodic check: Archive log space running full Logging of all e-mail activity Max.

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