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After the introduction of the Nikon F the more expensive rangefinder cameras (those with focal plane shutters) became less attractive.

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For example, with the D7100, Nikon started using the 25xxxxx code for the first US bodies.

Since the US D7100 number comes after the initial number for the much smaller Japanese market, it makes some sense to "steal" some of the Japan numbers.

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In other words, while US products normally would be 30, 31, 32…39 in initial numbers, Nikon has set things up so that they could make, say, a 59 region code that's US for a product (normally that would be Canada).

: it appears that Nikon hasn’t changed the number of digits in most serial numbers, which as product quantities increased in the digital age, has caused Nikon to have to abandon the clear logic they formerly used and which the table above suggests.Initial production of a product was almost always a two-digit variant of that with the second digit being zero (e.g. In a few cases, Nikon has used digits outside a region when production exceeds 999,999 units (see Note in next paragraph, though).That's why the second digit isn't just part of the serial number itself: it’s also reserved as a special region indicator, when needed. K., as Nikon Corporation was called in those days, introduced its first single lens reflex camera. Masahiko Fuketa, who was also responsible for the design of Nikon's rangefinder cameras.The latter is patently obvious if we put both the Nikon SP and the Nikon F side by side (see picture below). The layout of the Nikon F comes close to that of the Nikon rangefinder cameras.I've seen the phrase applied to the wind lever of the Nikkormat FT2 in the 1970s.