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But instead of Kelly Slater, Guy Fieri walked in and bought me a drink. In the morning, I left with as much dignity as I could muster.

"Our game was depraved, immoral, and filthy," writes Nicole Dieker. on May 8, 2012, I sent my friend Alice Lee an email, subject line “A super idea for a card game that is SURE TO MAKE MONEY OH YEAH.” A'ight. Something along the lines of: Dealer/judge draws one card. Then everyone has to play a card from their hand as their OTP and explain why they ship that slash.

I preferred nice boys, but settled for casual sex via that famed matchmaker, Tinder.

Peter’s profile showed a tall, fit surfer and we made a date. You want me out, call the cops.” Then I rolled over, and promptly passed out.

Fear not, intrepid Internet traveller, we have a few pointers to help you spot those pesky porn bots before they spam your email account and empty your bank account.

For those of you who never learned the lesson that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is, we're here to remind you that the only time you get propositioned by attractive women on the Internet is in your dreams.

I pulled the second present out of the bag to the sound of his chuckles. I unwrapped it and pulled out a huge pair of what I can only describe as granny knickers.

“I bought the biggest I could find” he laughed again. I think hysteria was kicking in because I definitely wasn’t laughing with him.Here are 10 Ways to Tell If Your New Facebook Friend is a Spam Bot.So there he was, standing waiting for me, or if it wasn’t him it was definitely an older relative of his because he looked at least 15 years older than he did in his online photos.Deze pagina bevat links naar actueel bedrijfsbeleid en overeenkomsten voor de producten en services die via Go Daddy beschikbaar zijn.Als je een van de genoemde documenten wilt lezen, klik dan op het beleid of de overeenkomst.“Scam today before today scams you,” goes one recent tweet.