Novell groupwise webaccess not updating

Lythgoe also thanked all those involved for their input, stating "All of our customers deserve a round of applause." Significant technological advancements in Group Wise 2014 include: Robert Haussman, Ph D., CIO of Tabor Children Services adds, "The new features and functionality of Group Wise 2014 give the solution an entirely different look and feel and the improvements are truly innovative.

The interface is intuitive, minimizing training needs for employees and the speed and agility of the web access allows users to get more done, faster.

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From the IT perspective, the ease-of-use takes away the burden of support and we are thrilled to see advances to management aspects across the board." Find more on Novell Group Wise 2014 at the increasing power and popularity of the i Phone among business users, IT departments have scrambled to adapt the phone's capabilities into their daily operations."This product provides users and IT with the latest features and functionality, fostering productivity through agile technology that allows for choice, flexibility and interoperability with existing solutions -- all working together to drive business forward." "Group Wise 2014 represents a significant engineering effort and countless hours of research to make sure that prioritized delivery continues to be a key objective.The authorized beta sites have been so valuable and insightful in their testing, feedback, and participation," wrote Dean Lythgoe, director of product management for Novell Collaboration Solutions in a recent blog post.This issue applies to Notify Link installations that use Group Wise Client v6.5.4 or earlier on the Notify Link Messaging server.

When a meeting invitation is accepted from the Notify Link user's device, the organizer of the meeting may receive two mail not... Group Wise: When a meeting request is created on the device for an all day event, the resulting event on the server spans from midnight to midnight.

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Title: Installing and Configuring Novell Groupwise Clients Applies to: Anyone installing the Novell Groupwise Client Section: Network Owner: Technical Analyst, Network & Communication Services Last updated: This note describes the installation and configuration of the Novell Groupwise Clients on supported operating systems for the purpose of connecting to the University of Regina campus email system.

This note is intended to provide a central source of technical information about installing and configuring client software to connect to the campus Novell Groupwise servers.

For maximum mobility ease-of-use Group Wise sports a new Web Access interface, mobile device synchronization, and custom templates for tablets.