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I have been with my guy for about 2 months or so... for 2 1/2 years now we are engaged to be married this November.I meet him on my way from school I was taking college classes at this time. I've been dating this man for 3 years and the past 7 months he has been a OTR driver. I hate that we have to be apart I only see him 4 days a month. I am not sure why but I am having some serious trust issues. Over the years we lost touch but reconnected a few months ago. Good morning share my stories of dating truck drivers and see what you think. I dated a truck driver for 5 months and about a month ago found out he had been carrying on with a girl from work in another country and had sex with her when he was on a work trip.

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Inside you will find local truckers who are looking to create new friendships, romance or something else!Once you join, you will be able to take advantage of our wide array of functional features including: Trucker Lifestyle Site Features Now you don’t have to waste time hanging out at truck stops hoping to meet truck driver singles when they’re all here hanging out at Trucker Lifestyle!Our dating site for truckers is all about connecting you with someone who enjoys the same lifestyle and has the same goals as you.You can easily connect with local truckers for endless conversations and set up future dates just by picking up your phone or turning on your computer.Really pertain to life and best indian online dating sites the world, which story about having a report on file may help if you are not sure of answer the obtaining of information from you such.

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Over the years we lost touch but reconnected a few months ago. I also just found out that it's against the law for them to answer their phones while in the their trucks?? Most recently he stated to me that " he didn't know what kind of life this was going to be...

My boyfriend is about to start driving within the next week and it has got me going crazy on the inside. We have been "Seeing" each other for over 2 yrs and have been dating for 7 months. and I am conflicted on what to do as this is a totally new experience for me.

The person I was dating wasn't what he told me wasn't the story I was told. He came home for two weeks and is gone again for training. I think it's the hardest because I just feel so alone. We we first started going out he was working for a temp... It has been over 6 years I have been in a relationship. I have been with this guy for about 8 months and in the last 3 weeks he has started working as a REG driver gone for 6days home for 3. He took a job in my town so we could see each other more. I really want him to get a job were he is home daily. This guy and I have known eachother for years he was the first guy to ever get me a gift, my first dance, and my first kiss.

He got a job as an OTR truckdriver little over a month ago. The last home time he got was great and we had a great time together. My experience with dating a truck driver was a very dramatice experience. I'm on the third month seeing him go on the road now. These next few month are going to be rough because he won't be home until the being of August. Since then we've been dating and things have been great. He has been struggling with making money so I knew he was on the road long periods but we talked almost daily until the... He used to work where I currently work, even though I didn't know him then. We met online, and because I drive as well, but not a truck, I work long hours as well. and I am conflicted on what to do as this is a totally new experience for me.

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