Outlook internet calendar not updating

Internet Calendar subscriptions are updated automatically. For each resource we generate a personal that contains their resource planning data that we continuously update based on resource bookings and resource requests that are created and updated in the Calendar or Planning Board.

If this is not visible in your menu, then the i Calendar Feed feature is disabled.

Only the calendar administrator can enable or disable this service in the calendar Settings.

However, Outlook for Mac doesn’t support directly subscribing to online calendars because it doesn’t support i Calendar, the protocol needed for subscribing to these calendars.

Exchange and Office 365 do support calendar subscriptions to some online services using a Major league, minor league, college and other sports institutions make heavy use of online calendars to publish their schedules.

Microsoft states they'll update i Calendars at least each 24 hours.

It is possible to view a read-only version of your Teamup Calendar events from within other calendar applications using i Calendar Feed functionality.The web addresses of Teamup i Calendar Feeds start with webcal:// and end with You can get the Feed URLs by clicking the menu sign in the top right corner of your calendar and then selecting i Calendar Feeds.3) Subscribe Click Subscribe to Calendar 4) Set Calendar Refresh Rate Set calendar refresh rate to desired setting. If you click that URL, it will open the project for you.An Internet Calendar subscription is a URL that you get from a source system and which you can display in a calendar application.Note that while most may provide a webcal URL, those don’t all work with Exchange or Office 365.