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Lorraine Lewis: We love AXS and are so happy to be a part of the channel.

The driver is wearing the obligatory beanie and sunglasses, but the long nose and weak chin are a dead giveaway: Kid Rock.

Outside, another white convertible circles the parking lot of Malibu's Point Dume Plaza.

Today, Athena Bass and Lorraine Lewis continue to show us why they are two of the most beautiful and creatively talented people on the planet.

Their prowess evidenced by the infectiousness of the show’s theme song, "Ex-Wives Rock", which has just been released as a single.

AXS recently spoke with them about the single and more in this exclusive new interview.

AXS: How has reaction to “Ex-Wives of Rock” now that it’s own AXS-TV?And, for the entire session, she used to maintain it between 155 and 165 (excluding rest).Rest time was not actually a complete rest, Gregory would let her do stretching exercises instead of complete rest.Gregory used to work with Pink for five days a week and 90 minutes a day.During those 90 minutes, he used to made sure that her heart rate never goes below 155. " Pamela Anderson ducks behind the steering wheel of her Aston Martin, eyes widening beneath her Twiggy-blond pixie cut. His car is nearly identical to the white Aston Martin we're in, which—rather poignantly—recalls the matching white T-shirt and bikini ensembles he and Pam wore for their wedding eight years ago.