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If you are Filipino, join our Filipino Chat Room NOW!! I still maintain an account at Planet Romeo though I'm really not an active user there. At most, PR is just one of the inactive tabs in my Chrome multi-tab browser. Help me spread out this new kewl stuff to all your networks, may it be friendster or what have you that have access to all other concerned and involved ones.lets get started..

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In fact, I thought it should be a MUST-SHARE since discreet yuppies will really find it useful. Are you tired of the old fasion way of just staring in the eye of one another but not really getting any clear anwers to whom youre having eye contact with until it was too late and you just say,, "sayang!! " and you just watch this person as you both part ways and then there is still this "nakaw tingin" but you are just too afraid to approach, not knowing that the guy was also interested in you? this flirt signs can be done in public with no hassels AT ALL.

;-P Anyway, the reason for this post is an interesting profile statement/write-up I saw in one of my PR profile visitors. Since it was stated in his profile that he just copied it as well from another user, source unknown, I thought it wouldn't be bad to share it here, as well. So without much further adieu, here it is, copied verbatim...just be spontaneous... HELP SPREAD THIS OUT (*from a friend)Ever wonder if that cute, hunky, simple, tall guy with you in a public jeepney, inside the MRT or LRT is a bi or gay?

If you wish, additionally, you can upgrade your membership for a small fee to get the premium option to contact all Members directly via internal mail, chat room,...

etc Of course all message from VIP Members can be answered by all (even free) members.

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