updating drives dad tool Play count not updating from ipod

For example, users can choose to listen to their most played or least played songs in the Smart Playlist settings and i Tunes will create a shuffle playlist according to that criteria.

play count not updating from ipod-23

I had switched to wireless syncing within the last couple months, so I wondered if that might be the cause.

Though I had upgraded to i Tunes 11 within the last couple months as well (and I'm not sure exactly how long this has been going on).

In many cases, when I sync the i Pod, i Tunes automatically updates to reflect my activity on the i Pod.

For example, the playcount will increase and the rating will be whatever I chose while listening to the i Pod.

Author: redwing Music Bee defaults to save play count of each track to MB database file only. Import all presets and find "TOY: 'Copy tag' command" preset. Select all tracks in the main panel and make it to copy "Play Count" to "P_count" field using drop-down menu.

But you can save play count to your music files as well and keep them auto-updated. Click on "Preview" and then "Apply" if everything looks OK. Tick the box in front of the preset name to make the preset auto-applied to all tracks in your library.You first need install Additional Tagging Tools plugin and enable it. Go to Edit custom tags Choose a custom tag, rename it "P_count" or something, and select a frame the new field will use with the drop-down menu (If you do not change the custom tag setting from "Save to Music Bee database only" to something else, there's no point of doing this). Now whenever a play count of a track changes, "P_count" tag value of the file will get auto-updated.You can also copy play count values saved in your music files to that field of MB database.Apple developed the play count feature of i Tunes to help with their "Smart Playlists" feature.Smart Playlists allows users to control the way the "Shuffle" feature in i Tunes chooses music.My problem is that this is not consistent, and I don't know why.