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The market for diet-specific dating sites is big, especially since one-third of U. marriages begin with online dating, according to a study by the National Academy of Sciences.

As if dating itself isn’t hard enough, trying to meet the future Mr. Right is a formidable challenge for someone with food allergies.

Of course we are allowed to look for anything we want in a mate, so why not someone who has a compatible diet?

The “short and brutal” meme has wedged itself in the public psyche, and it’s going to take a lot to extract it from its seemingly intractable position.I’m going to riff a bit on something I’ve been thinking about regarding ancient human bones.Whilst you may get someone similar, your choices can equally deny you meeting someone else who you may like more despite and because of your differences.But what about making choices based on the diet you follow?“If they have eaten something I’m indeed allergic to, which is likely, I now have to ask the poor guy to brush his teeth.

AND THEN, I get to be the weirdo who has to-go toothbrushes in her purse, just in case she decides to make out with someone that night,” Pachter wrote for the non-food specific dating site How About

Dating has changed somewhat since my day as the smartphone offers a potential connection to someone like-minded with just a swipe.

Thanks to technology you get to say a bit about you and look for someone else with specific characteristics.

This isn’t an official stance or anything; I’m just thinking out loud. Now, bones are notoriously confusing, especially when we’re trying to figure out the age of the individual who died.

We learn a lot from studying them, but only to a point.

Online dating sites are becoming increasingly specialist and it is now possible to stipulate that you want to meet people who are strictly, say, vegan or gluten free.