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The ages and colors of bruises may therefore show if more than one injury is present.

Table 1 shows the ages associated with the colors of bruises.

) to the specific dating questions on the Bottle Dating page are included so that a user can reference the necessary portions of that page.

1920s Garçonne Fashions: Image courtesy of Jenna Weissman Joselit, A Perfect Fit: Clothes, Character, and the Promise of America, 2001 1920s Garçonne Fashions: Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing, History of 20 Century Fashion, 1992 Skirts rose to the knees during the first two years of the 1920s, fell to the ankles again in 1923, rose up to the knees again in 1925, and were again long by the end of the decade.

Seen below are a number of ankle-length skirts that were popular between 19.

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If a user needs to refresh themselves on the terminology used to describe the various parts of the bottle, click on Bottle Morphology to view a pop-up page of physical bottle feature definitions.

Time: ~1 hour (You could also have students do the measurements and graphing for homework and just do the pre and post lesson/discussions in class.

This would cut down needed class time to approximately 30 minutes) Grouping: Pairs are optimal, but this can be done individually.Injuries to children's upper arms (caused by efforts to defend themselves), the trunk, the front of their thighs, the sides of their faces, their ears and neck, genitalia, stomach, and buttocks are also more likely to be associated with nonaccidental injuries.Injuries to their shins, hips, lower arms, forehead, hands, or the bony prominences (the spine, knees, nose, chin, or elbows) are more likely to signify accidental injury.They will measure the color and brightness of stars, as proxies for temperature and luminosity, in the Jewelbox Cluster from a color image.These measurements will then be used to determine the age of the cluster by plotting their measurements on a color-brightness diagram.This page provides some examples of how to use the website (primarily the Bottle Dating pages) to determine the approximate date or date range for various types of bottles made between the early 1800s and the mid-20th century.