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The National Anthem singer will be Ivy Goeckner, a Chiddix Junior High seventh grader ...

The ball crew staff is Hailey Hoskins, Lyza Miller, Holly Turnbull and Lucy Ratcliff.

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Read them back to back in 3 days Kandace: This series is amazing. But the storytelling remained easy on us, most of the way. I hit the last quarter, and my nerves were on EDGE!!! I mean,the facts are there (sorta), but I suppose I don’t know just how feasible it all was, once the truth came out. Perhaps if there was a backstory on that, the villain and the reasoning…

I was sure I knew who the villain was, and I was right – which surprised me that there wasn’t more of a twist when it came to that reveal. Emotional, sexy, realistic (at least “couple-wise” with such a bossy man).

I’m also ambitious and ambition is something that many authors, especially in the UK, shy away from as something unacceptable for artists.

On this trip I met Clive Cussler, whose Dirk Pitt character was definitely an influence on my own Morgan Sierra in the ARKANE series.

I am on the bottom rung of the writer’s journey (or maybe the second rung!

) and at Thriller Fest I learn from those who remember the early days of this path and are now some of the biggest names in the book world.TITAN WOMEN'S HOOP NOTES: IWU has won three straight and eight of the last nine ...IWU is seventh of 440 NCAA D-III teams in scoring (78.7), 18th in turnovers forced per game (24.3) and 9th in turnover margin (8.28) ... 16 all-time at IWU with 1,056 career points (69 games). IWU has a 3-point field goal in 596 straight games dating back to an 86-76 win at North Park on Jan. SCOUTING THE PIONEERS: Carroll ranks ninth in D-III in free throw percentage (.785) and 57th in 3-point field goal accuracy (.379)... Paul Combs has a 55-38 record in his fourth year at Carroll. Having been completely humiliated by the one-night stand that abandoned her as soon as her pregnancy was revealed (and had caused her tons of legal trouble in the process), she jumped at the opportunity to start over in a new small town with her new beautiful farmhouse. I’ll let you read the rest, but I must delight over the fact that you’ll get a good deal of “Scowling, the sheriff turned to me and looked me over from head to toe. Maryse: Reading The Coppersmith Farmhouse and I must say… Even with all of the “life issues” and new couple conundrums, it’s not overly angsty, or troublesome. It’s almost as if there should be a twist within the twist, and I need to read THAT. They became a couple quick, and the emotional turmoil was in her constantly battling him because of his bossiness. Not unputdownable for me, but certainly one that I enjoyed reading and that’s right up our romance alley. I also did a reader focused post for #Brit Crime with some author tidbits, but here are some of the things that have stood out for me as an author in the last few days.