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Yulia Zagorouitchenko and Riccardo Cocchi beat Joanna Leunis and Michal Malitowski at the WDC World Championships last month!My opinion: Yulia and Riccardo are the deserving winners.), art versus sport, their personal lives, how they started dancing, the politics of dancesport, what dance means to them, how they found each other after long prior partnerships, why children should learn dance, etc.

In their first major competition they placed third, in front of two long-time finalists.Since then they have placed right behind the World Latin champions, even taking a dance from them.So book that cheap-ass flight to Rome, throw your coin in the Trevi Fountain, then get the heck out of Dodge.These oft-overlooked locales are all worthwhile destinations in their own rights, and won't be teeming with quite so many, yugh, France be damned, the most delicious and innovative food on the planet hails from Italy.I like couples that can take risks in their dancing.

The catch is..year Yulia and Riccardo switched teachers.

Yulia Zagoruychenko (born September 11, 1981) is the current World Latin Dance Champion, with her partner, Riccardo Cocchi.

Originally from Russia, she began dancing at the early age of seven.

Zagoruychenko and Cocchi won their first World Latin Dance Championship in 2010, and earned their second title in 2011.

They are ranked #1 in the world for Professional Latin.

And although they were high ranking Latin competitors with former partners, together they create a rare magic.