Samsung weather widget not updating

Others described newly purchasing either S8 model, then transferring data and apps from older Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 4 using the Samsung Switch software app, only to then start experiencing random restart rage.Meanwhile, others reported clean installations without restoration from older smartphones, downloading apps anew from Android’s Google Play app store, and yet still suffering a persistent random reboot problem.For the Sprint, T-Mobile, and International variants, start by powering your phone completely off.

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If the forecast is not updated then you will still have the same info on your phone.

It's not like someone is looking outside in your area and updating Accuweather.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is a beautiful device worthy of all the critical acclaim it has received thus far.

But aside from the S Pen features, most of the Note's user interface has a great deal of overlap with the Galaxy S5 that we all know and love.

Developer Tamerlan2009 has ported this beautiful widget over to the S5, so if you've got a custom recovery installed on your device, you'll certainly want to check this one out.

The process of booting into custom recovery varies depending on which variant of the GS5 you own.

Keeps your Android lock screen beautiful and useful. Weather radar maps makes it is available to add different cities, see other location’s weather channel.

e Weather HD is the most informative Android application about your environment: Current weather and weather forecasts from different weather providers, NOAA weather...

S., I have mine set "every hour" and still doesn't update)My wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a built-in weather widget from "Accu Weather" and it's even more pathetic, it does NOT update weather conditions until you push this little circle on the widget.

It will show you the weather from pm in the afternoon while it's already pm Is there a smartphone and a corresponding widget that will update the weather every 30 mins on it's own or when you turn the phone "on"? (and no there was NO a data or wi-fi interruption to say that's the reason for this)I don't know what app you are using but it's showing you the forecast.

But this is not a problem because you can add the weather widget very easily as follows to your home screen again.