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She said: "I learned that I am a lot stronger and more determined than I realised and I think I needed that confidence boost.

The Hatfields and Mc Coys saga has been reflected in various forms of entertainment, including books, songs and Hollywood films.Some of the most memorable portrayals of the feud include a 1952 Abbot and Costello feature; a Hatfield- and Mc Coy-themed episode of the animated series “Scooby-Doo”; and Warner Bros.’ 1950 “Merrie Melodies” cartoon “Hillbilly Hare,” in which Bugs Bunny finds himself ensnared in a dispute between the rival Martin and Coy families. The Hatfields and Mc Coys inspired a famous game show.They both enjoyed a good time and she loved being with him. “They’ve seen each other a few times since and it’s been very awkward.” The affair allegedly unfolded in secret over six weeks in a Holiday Inn in Sutton, Surrey near the Wimbledon studios where Run For Your Wife was being filmed.The source added: “He had told her he was living with his dad in Canning Town and that he was single. Harding's "friend" continued: “Danny and Sarah spent a lot of time together learning lines, running through their scripts and practising their kisses.East Enders’ Danny Dyer is reported to have had a six-week fling with former Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding in 2012.

Harding was playing Dyer’s on-screen partner Stephanie in film Run For Your Wife when the pair struck up a relationship on set.Danny played a blinder and managed to get Sarah into bed.Sarah thought Danny was a nice guy,” the source explained.According to The Sun, the singer believed the actor was single and “felt betrayed” when she later discovered he had a long-term partner, Joanne Mas.A source, described as "a friend" of Harding’s, said that Dyer had “fallen in lust” with the ex girlband member, revealing: “Sarah thought she and Danny were a perfect fit.When another body is found, they have a double murder on their hands.