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This gave him material for his spy novel White Eagles over Serbia (1957). Leslie bought a fishing boat, which sank in Poole harbour before its maiden voyage.

Louisa 'was actively interested in spiritualism and cookery'. Later, Leslie was involved in various 'semi-criminal enterprises'. In 1951, aged 26, Gerald married Jacquie Wolfenden, whom he met while dating three different ballerinas.

Loving Nadja Bender (backstage at Lanvin ) on the cover of the upcoming magazine.

There isn't much common ground so we would be pretending to share a friendship group.?!

Portman and Miss Vodianova had houses all over the world, including a lavish home in London, a 3,000 acre Herefordshire estate, a 14th century mill house in West Sussex, a home in New York and a retreat in Uruguay.

'I don't want to make women look pretty and harmless. I want to give them weapons' Annelise Michelson You've spotted Annelise's exquisitely wrought work featured in Vogue, Vogue Paris, The Cut, W, The NY Times and, which is why Michelson's Spring line is an essential see during this Paris Fashion Week.

As you well know a woman in her jewelry is an impeccable force.

We sit on the three-seat blue velvet sofa — black coffee for me, still water for her — and Roitfeld perches primly at one end.

This afternoon she is wearing a black, shortish polka-dot summer dress from River Island twinned with black wedged espadrilles.Julia’s mother is, of course, Carine Roitfeld, the fashion editor turned style grande fromage who for years was the editor-in-chief of French Vogue.Imagine having Anna Wintour crossed with Vanessa Paradis as your mother, or men, having David Beckham twinned with Vincent Cassel as your dad.Julia’s father, Christian Restoin — a creative director and founder of chic French label Equipment — is fashion royalty, too.Scanning Roitfeld’s Instagram in the cab, it’s clear she’s taken heed of both her parents’ trajectories — from her father, business acumen and marketing, and from her mother, high octane glamour.The Uber quietly whirs through a Tupperware-grey industrial estate somewhere off the Westway en route to meeting Julia Restoin Roitfeld.