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Both began sending each other nude pictures of themselves in sexual poses, according to testimony. 8, 2003, Hunsaker spent the night at the family’s apartment in Fort Collins, during which the mother had sex with Hunsaker seated next to the daughter on the living-room couch.

She got up when the sex started and sat with her brother on the floor watching television a few feet from the adults, according to testimony.

RICHMOND — After recounting gut-wrenching testimony describing alleged sex acts between young boys and a former schoolteacher, a Contra Costa prosecutor on Wednesday asked jurors to return a guilty verdict on 90 counts.

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He even once slept in the same bed as boys in Camp Epic during an overnight stay in Motel 6, he testified.

– Barely four months into her job as a lawyer at the state Public Protection Cabinet, Jacqueline Heyman said she was shocked to discover an administrative assistant was selling adult products out of the office."I was stunned," said Heyman, recounting the day in August 2015 she found a box full of such items under the worker's desk. I could not believe my eyes."But when she tried to report the activity Heyman said she was fired, prompting her to file a "whistleblower suit" against the state seeking damages for the alleged retaliation.

Heyman said she previously had complained to Orme that the two workers were frequently absent from the office and couldn't be located when needed for work assignments."I had no control over either of them," she said.

"Shaun said they didn't have to listen to me."So, after it appeared Orme was taking no action to address the allegations, Heyman said she reported her findings about the Pure Romance business to the state Executive Branch Ethics Commission.

He was charged with sexual assault on a child, a Class 4 felony, and false imprisonment, but he pleaded not guilty to both charges Nov. During Engilman's pre-trial motions hearing Wednesday afternoon, the prosecution and defense questioned Fort Collins Police Services officer David Guy, who was the first to respond to the park in June.

He told the court he detained Engilman and another man who matched descriptions provided to police by the victim.

Guinto’s trial ended Wednesday, with prosecutors portraying him as a predator who modeled his life around being a child molester.

His defense attorney described him as a misunderstood educator who just wanted to help kids.

“So I said to myself, ‘I’m going to see how far I can take this.”‘ Deputy District Attorneys Emily Humphrey and Renee Doak repeatedly raised objections, most of which were overruled by District Judge Jolene Blair.

Hunsaker described how their Internet “conversations” began to involve sexual relations with the children and others.

Guinto is charged with engaging in various sex acts, which range from slapping young boys in the groin to touching their private parts while they were asleep, or engaging in oral sex or sodomy with them.