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‘He’s in love and happy.’ Fans might be shocked by the marriage as Barry – who was married to Susan Deixler for two years in the 1960s – has never really commented on his sexuality.The surprise news got us thinking about which other stars we didn’t realise were gay – prepare to be shocked by some of these famous names!Just use the hashtags:: #colstonhall and #show187146 Simon Amstell first made a name for himself as a television presenter, achieving notoriety fronting Channel 4’s Popworld with Miquita Oliver, and later, as the regular presenter of Never Mind the Buzzcocks on BBC 2.

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Yet the first thing he does when stepping out on to the stage is draw attention to a new haircut that no one likes, apparently. "The problem, I think, is the face." And the show, an unpacked version of last year's Edinburgh Fringe hit, continues in a similar vein for the next 90 minutes or so.Before you can think of Amstell's shortcomings, he has listed them, annotated them. And an ill-judged remark by Simon Amstell, best known for his stint hosting Never Mind the Buzzcocks, stunned BBC Breakfast presenters and viewers yesterday morning. 'His remark was met with an uncomfortable giggle from both hosts, who quickly reprimanded him.'Now you do have to stop talking,' Turnbull said seriously, as Williams pointed out Watson, who was side of stage waiting for his interview.'He's right there,' she exclaimed, gesturing apologetically to the off-camera Watson, adding: 'He'll hit you on the way out.'Williams attempted to lighten the awkward moment, saying: 'That was a Buzzcocks moment there.' Awkward: Williams gestured apologetically to Watson, who was waiting side of stage The comment about the singer, who has suffered two devastating brain tumours in recent years, came after Amstell admitted he has been kept awake at night by some of his more insensitive remarks.'I could have been more sensitive about people's emotions,' he said earlier in the interview about past jokes. 'Watson appeared next on the programme, to talk about overcoming the brain tumours.The oddball comedian made an insensitive remark about Russell Watson's battle with brain tumours at the end of an awkward interview with presenters Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams on the programme. The 43-year-old tenor recently revealed that he contemplated suicide during the surgery, weeks of radiation and resulting bout of depression he went through for the tumours that were discovered in 2006, and again a year later.They also have a son together, who was born via IVF using sperm from Mary‘s brother and carried by Melanie.

Calling all Irish theatre lovers, is the place to grab tickets for Simon Amstell.As Turnbull and Williams became flustered trying to hurry him along, saying 'We're finished now,' the comedian reacted with disbelief. He says now: ‘I believe I’ve survived for a reason’, he says. I don’t know why I was put through so much illness and pain, but I do know that I’ve come out of it a better person.'I nearly died twice, and that has to shake you up and make you see and feel things in a different way.I feel closer to God and I thank him for giving me another chance’. This gay, Jewish geek is rubbish at relationships, and regales us with his gauche responses to chat-up situations.When he was younger he learnt to juggle to impress people, "but there are no requests for jugglers - only 'Don't juggle.'?As well as presenting, Amstell wrote and starred in the BBC 2 sitcom Grandma’s House, where he plays a version of himself – an ex TV presenter looking for meaning in his life.