Successfully udating po

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Po is a word that precedes and signals a provocation.

A provocation is an idea which moves thinking forward to a new place from where new ideas or solutions may be found.

After downloading the translation file, then login to Process Maker as the "admin" user (or any user with the A list of installed languages will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

To import a new language, click on the Install / Update button at the top of the list of languages.

Find the PO translation file for your language and click on its link to download it to your hard drive.

Available Languages for Process Maker: Process Maker 3 supports country identifiers, so the country can be specified in the language code.

"I love that with EKM I can change the product lines and add them very quickly.

I don’t have a lot of time during the day so I need something that allows me to just go online, pull out the item that I need and add it as a product…

You cannot add, change, or remove PO numbers retroactively.

You must add them to the system the transaction is invoiced.

If you have multiple teams within your company, you can set a company-wide PO number by entering it on the top-level team (also known as the parent team).