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Last night was the fourth time, in a row, that our nation didn’t qualify into the contest’s grand final.

She also went on to star in a Steven Spielberg movie in 2002 (The Time Machine) with her brother Omero on the back of its success, so you know, very big deal.Samantha Mumba with husband Torray Scales walk the red carpet at the Gala Irish premiere of The Handsome Devil as part of the Audi Dublin International Film Festival at the Savoy Cinema. At first it is a bit weird and you open the glove box and there is a gun there or whatever," she told the Irish Daily Mail's You magazine.His best friends Diggs and Henry schedule a date of Jessica with Nathan.However her father grounds her in her bedroom and when Nathan calls Jessica, her father tells that she has dated a good looking guy in a car.Picture: Fergal Phillips And the Gotta Tell You songstress said she feels safer with a weapon in the house when her husband is working night shifts as a police officer, but said she's still uncomfortable with American gun culture. "The first time that my husband brought me to the gun range, I thought I would love and I would be a bad ass and just that it would be really cool.

But I hated it and I think it's insane how easily available guns are.

"Our next effort is sung by Samantha Muma,” she wrote.“A bone fide pop star whose surname almost sounds like ABBA which is obviously a sign that this is our destiny."Turns out, Sam is well up for it.

She even retweeted the article saying that, “she’d love to”.

So, in a bid to get us back to the glory days of Johnny Logan, journalist Jenn Gannon took to the Irish Times today to say she believes that we need to “take back control of our song selection” and get “passionate again”.

She then suggested that next year we ask “bone fide pop star” Samantha Mumba to represent us.

When turn-of-the century scientist Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce) uses his newly-invented time machine to travel back and prevent the murder of his girlfriend Emma (Sienna Guillory), he finds that he is nonetheless unable to change the past.