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As CDL knows, only time will tell us if Kristen and Alicia are meant to get engaged and marry.In any case we are delighted that Kristen Stewart seems to have found some happiness after her vile Twilight showmance with Robert Pattinson.

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"What every birthday needs," she said simply as she brought him toward the center of the ballroom."Dancing."His eyes widened a bit, but then he nodded.The Draconequus was quite confused by her action, even more so when her hooves grasped his lion paw, asking for him to get up."What are you doing?" He asked as he stood from his seat, being slightly pulled by the smiling unicorn.When she asked for a picture involving Discord and Twilight dancing, I suddenly recalled my recently completed MLP FIM cartoon crossover story "Chaotic Order" (and JUST the MLP FIM version "Discordant Feelings") and remembered the dance scene in there that completely parodied "Beauty and the Beast".

So now I figured out a good picture to make for my friend, and I am truly happy to draw Twilight's gold and red dress once again.

First Love, Last Love: Courtship Culture and the Teen Cancer Romance.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and while some spent it with their respective partner, plenty of others spent it alone with only the company of movies by their side.

Is Kristen Stewart engaged to her girlfriend Alicia Cargile?

That is the question left on our minds after seeing her recent photos showing her wearing what appears to be an engagement ring.

It appears that way, because we’ve heard from a source that the duo are going to get engaged!