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It had a maximum data transfer rate of 2 Mbps, which, when compared to the dial-up speeds was considerably faster but which paled in comparison to what was yet to come.

One of the major advantages of staying within the Apple Ecosystem is that everything “just works”, and that certainly applies to the Airport Extreme Base Station and the Airport Utility that comes with every Mac.But while we all think about when we want to upgrade our computers and our phones, we tend to let the network hardware that sits on our shelf or in our closets grow old, and because they continue to work, they must be performing properly.The tutorial below is only for configuring the dynamic DNS client in the Air Port devices to use Dyn.Note on Dyn DNS Pro: We currently do not support the Air Port or Time Capsule devices on our Dyn DNS Pro services.But as we’re about to show you, that may not always be the case.

In the early days of remote computer access in our homes, dial-up service using telephone modems was the standard and were measured in baud rates.That was great when the router was released, but is far behind similarly priced competition today.The 0 Zyxel AC2200, for example, offers 2.2Gbps.Google’s 0 On Hub devices, which rival Apple’s routers for ease of use, offer 1.9Gbps.And if you’re willing to spend 0 on a router, you can get a lot more power than that.This new spectrum would eventually become the data highway for the 802.11 protocol which we refer to today as Wi-Fi.