Updating graphics bios

In your report I found: PCI/AGP 10DE-0DE5: NVIDIA Ge Force GT 530 [No DB] You need to include the motherboard info in the Everest report !

Here in this post I am going to list down the tools that you can use to update the video BIOS of your graphics card.

Check out: How to Fix Graphics Card Not Detected on your PC Here the various reasons that may prompt you to update the VGA BIOS of your graphics card.

An el cheapo 500w PSU does not supply 500 watts, it will usually fail under a decent load, so the PSU warrants research and getting a decent one, (it doesn't have to be expensive if you look for a good deal or sale).

See the specs for your board on this Newegg link if you wish, https:// Your board has 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot, it's the big blue slot.

Unlike the operating system, the BIOS is low-level software that is stored on a chip on the motherboard of the computer.

In order to update this low-level software, you normally have to “flash the BIOS“, which will replace the old software with the new version.When you swap out motherboard, Windows will not boot properly as it won't recognized the new hardware.For best performance, I recommend re-installing the Windows OS when you swap out motherboards.Also if your graphics card is voltage-locked and you want increase the voltage of the card for overclocking purpose then you have to install a custom or modded BIOS on your graphics card.Graphics Card BIOS or GPU BIOS is also known as VBIOS, Video BIOS or VGA BIOS.I want to upgrade my graphics card but my motherboard does not seem to be compatible with PCI-E. Hi there, One thing I recommend is backing up your data from your computer hard drive is re-installing the Windows OS fresh.