Updating location information

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Wireless, Switches and Port will be identified with their Chassis ID, which is equivalent to the MAC address (Layer-2 Switch), managed Ethernet switches that support Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discover (LLDP-MED)Before publishing the location database, you must validate new locations against the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) maintained by your SIP trunk or public switched telephone network (PSTN) E9-1-1 service you use ELIN gateways, you populate the Location Information service database with the civic address and at least one ELIN for each Emergency Response Location (ERL).During the planning phase, it is a good idea to decide how you want to name the locations and how you want to assign ELINs.By integrating the coverage of each of these base stations, a cellular network provides a radio coverage over a much wider area.A group of base stations is named a location area, or a routing area.A GSM or UMTS network, like all cellular networks, is basically a radio network of individual cells, known as base stations.

Each base station covers a small geographical area which is part of a uniquely identified location area.

When a mobile finds that the location area code is different from its last update, it performs another update by sending to the network, a location update request, together with its previous location, and its Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity (TMSI).

The mobile station also stores the current LAC in the SIM card, concatenating it to a list of recently used LACs.

The location update procedure allows a mobile device to inform the cellular network, whenever it moves from one location area to the next.

Mobiles are responsible for detecting location area codes (LAC).

Lync 2010 with CU1 introduced the LIS for identifying the Users Location for E-9-1-1 call and internal information too.