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My (old) Dell Latitude XT is currently running windows 8.1, and it runs fine.

All of the drivers/firmware are up-to-date for 8.1 based on the driver download library at Dell. MS sent me a message that I cannot install and run Windows 10 because the video card ATI/Radeon is not supported by Windows 10. I simply want to load windows and use a legacy driver, which I am currently doing in Win 8.1.

As Nguyen described it to us this afternoon, Dell began officially shipping XPS 700 systems on 20 July, two weeks after the company unveiled the upgraded version of its system specifications, to include Core 2 Duo and Extreme processors.At least one customer did indeed receive his system on 27 July, and posted pictures of it to his blog."Given competitive constraints, we can't provide a lot of product details," Nguyen told TG Daily, "but I can tell you that, as we ramped production, we discovered an issue that could, in very rare circumstances, affect system operation.It's related to the installation of the cooling assembly.The solution might not be applicable to other makes but after the dozens of other offered solutions that achieved nothing, this worked and moreover has stayed working.

Apologies if it doesn't work for your system but my elation prompts this posting !This issue for me is a challenge I won't back down from.I did send Dell an email stating that I was willing to test it for them. Select Display adapter (in my case it reads 'Standard VGA Graphics Adapter' that I need to change to 'ATI Radeon X1250') 6.The ATI/Radion I think is the 1250 but it is integrated with the motherboard. Dell's website does not identify this machine as having been tested for Win 10.My impression of this is it will unlikely be supported for 10 :-/ I have 2 other laptops that now have 10 that run great.I had not only lost the SD card reader but my drives were screwed up after the upgrade and the pc would hang every time I tried some "new" driver for the card reader.