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When I run gpupdate, the User Settings are applied successfully, but I get an error when it tries to update Computer Settings. The following errors were encountered: The processing of Group Policy failed.

Windows could not obtain the name of a domain controller. Verify your Domain Name System (DNS) is configured and working correctly. What DNS errors would cause User Settings to be applied but Computer Settings to not be?

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Isn't this something that should've been identified during testing?Follow me on Twitter Add me to your Google circles or Connect with me on Linked In Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Devs, and Devops? Agreed; learned about the issue here first, and it's not the first time that's happened.I am unable to determine how and why those terminals fail to update to the correct GPO. Try clearing the Group Policy cache locations - delete the folders Program Data\Group Policy and Program Data\Microsoft\Group Policy. If things still aren't working after that, have a look at your event log and update your question with anything relevant.These folders only contains 1 other empty folder Trace, and nothing special in event viewer just: "The Group Policy settings for the user were processed successfully.Hi all, I have a little issue with new Windows 10 machines or Windows 10 upgraded machines in a network.

I've added a couple of new machines to our domain - using the new Windows 10 specific Essentials Server 2012 connector (although I don't believe this is causing this issue) - but these workstations are unable to pull group policy items, specifically a drive mapping policy.GPresult/ r says INFO: The user does not have RSo P data.GPupdate reports back that it cannot access the policies in question, when trying to browse to the location, the machine fails to access the location.The KB article (KB3163622) has now been updated to show both the MS16-072 changes the security context with which user group policies are retrieved.This by-design behavior change protects customers’ computers from a security vulnerability.Before MS16-072 is installed, user group policies were retrieved by using the user’s security context.