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Your life has been a checkered quilt, and some of its patches have been rougher than others.But whether a coarse swatch best forgotten or a velvet one to be cherished for all time, they have stitched together the man you’ve become.I revise this missive to the future each time I begin a new professional venture, but with any luck, I will have this job — and this letter — until the day I die. Who would have thought Donald Dunn would make it to forty-years-old?After swimming through the piranha-infested waters of the Amazon, running with the bulls in Pamplona, finding love in Paris — and losing it in Malta —you’ve seen big things, Donald.Kedi follows the street cats of Istanbul and the impact they’ve had on the city’s inhabitants.

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This is the dad, whose son did not want to get out of the car when brought home to his mom, and admitted in front of police she had beat him before.

Welcome back to Mailbag, a series about the sometimes weird, sometimes fun stuff we get in the mail.

Today, You Tube and the team behind the documentary Kedi sent us some swag for snuggling up with our cats.

And while this whirlwind meant I used up my “tears budget” a bit earlier than usual this month, it also reminded me of how lucky I am to work for Richard Hendricks, a true technological visionary.