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Born in the year 1991 and starting her modeling career at 4 years of age, Aleisha Allen is one of the members cast besides Black Jack in the "School of Rock" movie.

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She was bron in Bronx, New York City on 1991, 28th of April.Aleisha went to Sacred Heart School in the Bronx as a child with her other siblings.For example, actress Rebecca Brown portrayed bassist Katie in the movie and in fact, she started playing classical guitar at the age of 4 in real life and even learned to play bass and cello for the movie.Another perfect example to the fact will be our biography topic, Aleisha Allen, who had got immense recognition for her acting and singing abilities in the media even before joining the movie “School of Rock” appearing on the children’s television series “Blues Clues” and Disney’s Out of the box.She is known as a singer and ballerina as well as an actress.

In 2003 she has appeared alongside “Jack Black” in comedy hit “School of Rock”.She is known for her roles in Blue’s Clues, Out of the Box, School of Rock and many others. Her list of boyfriends includes, Philip Bolden and Tahj Mowry.She dated Tahj when she was young and broke up in the same year. Sources near to her, say that she and Tahj were very young when they started to date and things did not work out. She never commented on why she broke up with him or whether she would be dating in the future.Other notable works of her include the movies Out of the Box in 1998 and Are You Done Yet in 20.Her wings have spread in other profession as well such as singing and modeling.The beautiful Afro-American actress looks confident and sexy on screen.