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Alyson Stoner also appeared in Wii Fit related videos on the Nintendo Channel on the Wii video game console demonstrating "how to do balance exercises".

Stoner appeared as a background dancer in music videos such as notably Missy Elliott's "Work It", "Gossip Folks", "I'm Really Hot", Eminem's "Just Lose It", and "No Tengo Dinero" by the Kumbia Kings.

She won Model of the Year at the 2000 International Modeling and Talent Association Convention in New York.

She began her career in television as the role of Sally in Mike’s Super Short Show. Edit She was born in Toledo, Ohio, United States to parents Lu Anne Hodges and Charlie Stoner.

At a very early age, she has shown the whole world what she can do.

She has the potential to become one of the biggest actresses in the industry and she better not lose her way now.

She was born in Toledo, Ohio, United States to parents Lu Anne Hodges and Charlie Stoner. She began taking dance classes in multiple styles when she was in elementary school at O' Connell's Dance Studio.

She has two older sisters and their name is Correy Stoner and Jaimee Stoner. There is no any information about her love affairs, boyfriend and about her current status either she is single or dating with someone. She also trained and modeled at the Margaret O’Brien Modeling Studio.I'm still a tomboy, I think, but I'm getting older and starting to feel all these weird feelings about guys! What are the release dates for Piper's QUICK Picks - 2010 Dylan and Cole Sprouse on the Red Carpet with Piper Reese 1-17? She was born in a place called Toledo, which lies in Ohio of United States of America.She belongs to the ethnicity German and nationality American.Alyson Stoner full name Alyson Rae Stoner is an American actress, dancer, choreographer and singer.