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In 2009, Ireland competed on Born in 1963, Kathy Ireland has found fame and success as a model and a businessperson.

Her entrepreneurial instincts emerged early on while growing up in Santa Barbara, California.

Buffet opens each Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting with Ireland and Bill Gates.

Ireland also designs wedding dresses and social occasion gowns.

Ireland's billionaire friend and Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett advised her to enter into the home furnishings business.

"Fashion and apparel is consistently changing, but in home it's more consistent," Buffett said.

As a teenager, Ireland reported that a photographer once "crossed the line" with her and wanted her to pose topless.

She did not feel comfortable and he did not respect her "no." He reportedly pushed her and got physical and she "decked him." In 1993, Kathy Ireland's name on a line of socks sold 100 million pairs and Kmart took notice, subsequently giving Ireland her own clothing line including swimwear, active wear, accessories, sweaters and more.Nomi Network has reached several significant milestones since 2015.We’ve continued to make progress towards decreasing the child and forced labor footprint while strengthening human rights on the ground in India and Cambodia.She launched her line of wedding gowns by presenting a runway fashion show at the Festival of Brides held in Disneyland Resort. Sterling/Winters Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, which is the management company for multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Janet Jackson.Ireland launched a collection of pet products called Loved Ones, which includes furniture, bowls, collars, toys and luxury bedding.Diana Mao, a 2015 Presidential Leadership Scholar, is the President and Co-founder of Nomi Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to economically and socially empowering survivors of human trafficking.