Windows98 updating activex

RSSUSB), which makes it easy to plug in new devices Windows 98 was by followed Windows 2000, an evolution of the Windows OS designed for personal or professional use.

The Windows 98 desktop is, in fact, a Web page with HTML links and features that exploit Microsoft's Active X control.Windows 98 and Windows 95 (with Internet Explorer 4.0 or another web browser installed) had early versions push technology installed, the ability to have news and other content delivered automatically by specified Web sites.Microsoft's Internet Explorer was designed to be considerably more with the operating system than previous versions.With Active Desktop, users can view and access desktop objects online as well as local files and applications.Windows 98 is a widely-installed product in Microsoft's evolution of the Windows operating system for personal computers.

Windows 98 was code named "Memphis" during development and was, at one point, called "Windows 97" based on an earlier production schedule.

However, if exploited, it could allow a cyber criminal to access the data on your computer. Identified versions: These vulnerabilities affect several versions of Intuit Quick Books products that should receive updates. Other Intuit products, at this time and to the best of our knowledge, do not have this vulnerability.

Downloading the update and applying these product updates will eliminate this vulnerability, so it's important for every customer to install this update. The identified versions of these Quick Books products are: U. If we learn otherwise, we will provide further guidance at that time.

Even with all the fancy-pants new features found in Windows XP and now Vista, Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition) remains our favorite Windows-flavored operating system.

We love it so much, we still use it on one of our trusty laptops.

To allow Active X for Windows take the following steps: 1- Open internet explorer and left click 'Tools' then 'Internet Options'. 3- Now left click the 'Custom level' button at the bottom of the window.