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Per the graphic — which pulls data from a number of sources, including Reuters and The Washington Post — online dating is worth more than one billion dollars per year, with the mobile phone dating market worth 0 million. Internet dating being bigger than porn actually makes sense since people desire real love and relationship over porn which although attractive does not offer the depth and intimacy of a real loving relationship.As an online dater (who met his wife online) I can testify to the value of seeking a partner via the internet.

, from Online examining some of the data behind online dating.

As Mashable points out, one of the most surprising statistics is that the online dating industry is larger than the porn industry.

Instead, Facebook strategists devised the inflated Like button.

In addition to conventional Likes the user can now choose between five new emotional reactions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sorry and Anger.

Equipped with SEMrush data, Hanapin Marketing looked at yearly PPC spend for companies on the annual Inc. The Consumer Products & Services industry has the largest per-company expenditures on average.

Marketing Director added, "This is a pretty substantial investment, considering the fastest-growing private companies include small and medium businesses.

There is another version of this post: German Laughing, crying and simmering with rage, that’s now possible on Facebook.

Just over a month ago, Facebook introduced the new reactions.

It was the nascent years for the world’s 1G network.

But for me and my friends, compact discs were the thing—a whole new way to enjoy music. Contrast this with today’s young adults for whom the internet has become deeply fundamental.

Interesting to note that in addition to B2B, Plex also purveys personal media cloud services, and the crossover into B2C and D2C is certain to boost ad budget needs." Here are the top five PPC spenders: 1. A surprise is the absence of personal finance companies among the biggest spenders, since that segment once dominated Ad Words spending," said Stricker.