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D., when Roman Emperors enjoyed fresh mountain snow flavored with sugar and wine.

We believe everyone deserves the Royal Gelato Experience: the best ingredients, combined to perfection, served soon after being made.

Here it is an art, it is culture, and it is science.

The Italian architect Bernardo Buontalenti is credited with inventing modern gelato during the Renaissance by adding cream and eggs to traditional water-ices.

Gelato has been a big deal here since, and especially this summer, when temperatures have reached the high 90s.

"There are no limits," says Claudio Torce as he hands over a scoop of habanero chili-flavored gelato at the headquarters of his ice cream store company in the modernist EUR neighborhood in the south of the city.

"We’re working toward a future where gelato is no longer identified purely as something fresh and sweet for summer." Torce has become a major influence on Rome's new gelato generation since he opened his first shop in 2003.

At the launch of his eighth outlet in Rome this month, ice cream was served with a selection of savory antipasti: spicy salami with pear salad accompanied by scoops of gelato flavored with celery, parmigiano and those picante habanero peppers.

Although Torce's combinations are raising eyebrows among traditionalist gelato aficionados, savory ice cream is hardly new.

ROME, Italy — Italians are expecting the opening of their country’s first ice cream museum, but forget any ideas that gelato, as it’s called here, is frozen in the past.

A new wave of iconoclastic ice cream makers is revolutionizing the scene in Rome with flavors such as gorgonzola, mushroom and lobster with vodka.

Founded by Steve Odom, a recently divorced entrepreneur who found himself wanting a more effective way to meet someone new than what was available, Gelato aims to give singles a way to meet someone who might actually be a good match.

The idea is, as Odom put it, Friendfeed for dating.

Users create a profile and then are able to peruse "life streams" of potential matches by viewing their Facebook profile and updates, their Twitter feed, the music they listen to on Last.